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Recovery Centers of Arkansas provides chemical-free living space to adults progressing successfully in recovery. The goal of the program is to provide a clean, safe, drug-free environment for individuals in substance abuse treatment. Weekly contact with the staff is provided to ensure continued eligibility and encourage behaviors consistent with the goals of the program.

Our chemical free-living facility, Williamsburg, offers 31 chemical-free living spaces. Located in close proximity to local hospitals and shopping malls, it provides many work opportunities for those individuals rebuilding their skills and credibility in the workforce. Television areas, recreational areas, a library, an employment resource room, parking and a full-service kitchen/dining area are all included as part of the chemical-free living component.

Recovery Centers of Arkansas is proud to announce the addition of Steeplechase Apartments to its chemical-free living facilities. With this addition, RCA offers 26 one-bedroom and efficiency apartments (all utilities paid) to individuals who are looking for the next step in independent living in a clean, secure and chemical-free environment. Located next door to Outpatient and Aftercare services offered by RCA, this addition holds the distinction of being Arkansas’ first chemical-free living apartment complex. Contact Adam Reynolds at for more information.


  • The applicant has a substance use/dependency problem.
  • The applicant is currently in treatment at RCA or other licensed program.
  • The applicant is drug and alcohol free.
  • The applicant is medically and psychiatrically stable.
  • The applicant is 18 years of age or older.
  • The applicant is not a level 3 or 4 sex offender.
  • The applicant is not actively dangerous.
  • The applicant can live independently.
  • The applicant is employed, disabled or actively seeking employment.
  • There is reasonable expectation the applicant will respond to treatment.


Housing costs range from $125 and $170 per week for weekly facilities and $500 to $600 per month for monthly facilities.

Major credit cards are accepted and payment plans are available upon request.