RCA covers a range of drug and alcohol services:


Long-Term Housing

Veteran Services

  • Williamsburg Veterans Administration Housing & Outpatient
  • Albert Pike Treatment Center Coming Soon!

Outpatient Services & Counseling

  • Sibley Hole Center Outpatient Services
  • Williamsburg – Outpatient Services & Intensive Outpatient Services
  • Oasis Renewal Center – Intensive Outpatient Services


Application for Chemical Free Living

Application for Treatment*

*The above link takes you to the online application.  Create a new account and complete the online application.

What you must bring:
1. Proof of identification (driver’s license and/or state ID card) and Social Security Card.
2. Proof of income (without this we cannot offer you a discount on service fees). If unemployed, please provide a PEBES form (you can get this from Social Security Administration in the Federal Building on 700 W. Capitol Avenue in Little Rock).
3. Prescription medication in original bottles to last 30 days.
4. Payment for services.
5. Court orders if court ordered to attend.

Other items you will need to bring:
1. Personal items (tooth brush, makeup, etc.)
2. Bedding to fit a twin-size bed (blanket, sheets, pillow)
3. Clothes to last 7 days, laundry basket, clothes hangers
4. Towels, washcloths, shower shoes (flip flops, etc.)
5. Laundry detergent (machines are available weekly)
6. Personal drinking cup
7. Paper, ink pens, envelopes, stamps (to write home)
8. AA or NA Books (if you own them)
9. Minimal money for outings and soft drink machines (No more than $20: dollar bills and quarters – change is not available).
10. Non-prescription medications such as aspirin, Tums, multi-vitamins, etc.

What you may not bring … please note any items confiscated that are brought in without permission will not be returned!!
1. Valuables (RCA is not responsible for anything that is lost/stolen or items left when you are discharged.)
2. Food or drinks.
3. Radios, televisions, magazines or other reading material. You may bring a Bible.
4. Items that promote or acknowledge alcohol/drug use. (For example, Budweiser t-shirt).
5. Gang-related clothing.
6. Nail polish or nail polish remover.
7. OTC sleep-aids such as Tylenol PM.
8. OTC stimulants such as BC Powder.
9. Cell phones.